Nanny/Live In Care Giver Program

Maureen Elizondo has successfully represented many Live In Caregivers in their application for temporary work permits and for their Permanent Resident Status in Canada.  Maureen Elizondo also represents the Canadian employers/families in their applications for a Live In Care Giver.  Through Maureen's many contacts with Caregiver agencies throughout the world she is able to recruit suitable Live In Caregivers for Canadian employers/families.

Maureen Elizondo ensures that each and every applicant in this program qualifies before she will represent them in their application.  When Live in Care Giver applicants contact Maureen to apply for a work permit or for their Permanent Residence status and Maureen evaluates that the applicant does not qualify she will be direct and frank with the client about her evaluation.  Maureen Elizondo will however, advise and explain to the prospective client how they can qualify so that they can apply in the future.

Maureen Elizondo also represents employers/families in their application for Service Canada/HRDC clearance for the prospective Live-In Care Giver whom they wish to employ.  This is done in a very ethical and honest manner.

Maureen Elizondo actively recruits Live In Care Givers to Canada and puts them in touch with Canadian employers/families.  Maureen Elizondo screens each and every Live In Care Giver applicant thoroughly to ensure that the applicant is suited to the Canadian employers/families' needs.



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