My name is Ricardo Ceron. I am very fortunate to have chosen the best Immigration Advisor: Maureen Elizondo. It took exactly six months for my wife, Lidia Ceron, to get her permanent residence.  She also worked on my daughter’s husband,  Alex Silva, ​​papers, which took also 6 months. I have several friends who are waiting for their beloved ones even after two or three years with no results yet. So that is what the saying goes:  “You get what you pay for”.  If you are looking for someone to help you bring your loved one, hire Maureen for peace of mind.

I am very happy with my wife and happy to have chosen Maureen Elizondo.  If you want my advise, please feel free to call me at (416)580-1944. Ask for Ricardo Ceron.

Ricardo Ceron

I just want to take this opportunity to thank Maureen for all her professional help and excellent work in obtaining my immigration papers to Canada as a result I am now a Canadian Citizen with an amazing job and beautiful family.  I would recommend Maureen to everyone so they will have the same wonderful opportunity as I did in becoming a Canadian.  
Thank You.

Gustavo, from Mississauga, Ontario.

I was referred to Maureen by family and friends in Toronto when living in my home country Uruguay. My husband and I met her during a visit to Toronto and realized right away why she’s tops in her business. She is knowledgeable, sympathetic and understanding and has the utmost respect for the immigrants that bring new life to Canada.

She represented our family in our application for permanent residence in Canada and her work was most efficient and professional. We were accepted quickly and our dreams came true, so I would highly recommend Maureen for any immigration matter.

Silvana Leal



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