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Maureen Elizondo is an Immigration Specialist with offices located at Toronto, Ontario, Canada who specializes in Canadian Immigration.

Maureen Elizondo is a former Immigration Officer having worked for Canada Immigration for four years before becoming an Immigration Specialist. Maureen Elizondo is the daughter of Irish immigrants in Canada who struggled in their early years to become successful Canadian citizens. Maureen has been involved professionally and socially with the Spanish speaking community for more than twenty years in Canada. She speaks Spanish fluently with a diploma in Spanish as a second language from the University of Toronto. Maureen has travelled all over South America, Central America, Mexico and Spain. As a result she has a great understanding of "Latino" culture and of the struggles and potentials of immigrants in Canada.

Maureen Elizondo is a member in good standing of Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants, REGULATED CANADIAN IMMIGRATON CONSULTANTS member #R410295 and has earned an Honours Diploma as an Immigration Practitioner. Maureen has twenty-eight years of experience in all appeals of  Immigration law. Maureen Elizondo has an excellent reputation with the Immigration department and amongst her peers and clients. Maureen Elizondo is very well known in the Hispanic community in Canada. She is well known as a strong advocate for immigrants and refugees. Maureen Elizondo defends each client with determination, experience, ethics applying her vast knowledge of the Immigration laws. Maureen Elizondo constantly keeps herself abreast of all the ever changing policies and regulations with Canada Immigration by attending various Immigration seminars throughout the year and studying case law of the Immigration appeals before the various courts. All of the staff members at Maureen Elizondo Immigration Legal Services are well experienced in Immigration law and are all bilingual.

Maureen Elizondo maintains a very good relationship with each client & their unique case & circumstances with a human touch. Maureen has many clients from all parts of the world and understands that each client has a unique culture. Maureen makes it her mission to learn everything she can about her client and their special and unique country and background.

The staff at Maureen Elizondo Immigration Legal Services are well known for their professional services and their compassion for and understanding of new immigrants. 



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